Latex bermuda shorts with ribbed sheath

Rubber Bermuda shorts with anatomical sheath

These are a pair of Latex Bermuda shorts with a front ribbed Anatomical penis sheath
Latex body with sheath

Rubber body with sheath

This is one of our new hand tailored items. A rubber male leotard with professionally glued seams and attached Cock and Ball sheath. Available in a variety of exciting new colours.
Latex crotchless tights

Rubber crotchless male tights

A pair of Rubber crotchless tights. Available in standard weight 0.4mm latex or heavy duty 0.8mm.
Latex tights with anatomical sheath

Male Rubber leggings with anatomical sheath

This is a pair of latex tights with attached front ribbed anatomical sheath
Latex Chaps

Rubber Chaps

A pair of rubber chaps. Available in Black or Red and in a variety of sizes.
Latex crotchless leotard

Rubber crotchless leotard

This is a male leotard/ corset with open crotch. Available in Black or Red, and in a variety sizes.
Latex wrestling leotard

Rubber male wrestling suit

A Male wrestingling suit/ leotard with pouch
Latex musclebody leotard

Rubber male muscle body

This is a latex longline musclebody leotard. Available in 0.4mm or 0.8mm
latex t-shirt with colour contrast

Rubber T- Shirt

This is one of our new hand tailored rubber Tee shirts with short sleeves. Shirt has professionally glued seams, not moulded and features trimmed contrast colour on neck and sleeve edging. Available in either 0.38mm or heavy duty 0.6mm latex and in a variety of new exciting colours
Latex shirt with front zipper

Rubber long sleeve shirt

This is another of our new hand tailored items. A long sleeved latex shirt with professionally glued seams including a front zipper. Available in either 0.38mm or heavyweight 0.6mm latex and in a variety of exciting new colours.